1984 GPz900R
1984 Kawasaki GPz900r
First Ninja, GPz900R won
the "Bike of the Year"
and took the top spot as
the world's fastest bike
when it rewrote the
motorcycle record book
with a top speed of more
than 250 km/h.

1985 GPZ600R

Birth of the 600 Class
The Ninja 600R (GPZ600R)
was extremely popular and
became a best seller when it
was launched. It is often
credited with the creation of
the 600cc supersport category.

1988 ZX-10

The Ninja ZX-10,
The Performance King.
With a top speed of 270 km/h, it
guaranteed Kawasaki's position as
the fastest motorcycle in the world.

1989 ZX-7

The Ninja ZX-7 with identical styling to
that of Kawasaki works racers was

1990 ZX-11

First Ram Air System Hits the Market
The Ninja ZX-11 (ZZ-R1100)
introduces the first Ram Air system
to the world. With a speedometer
rating of 320 km/h the Ninja ZX-11
dominated the next 6 years as "The
King of Speed".

1993 ZX-11

The updated Ninja
ZX-11 (ZZ-R1100)
featuring Dual
Ram Air Induction
c o n t i n u e s
Kawasaki ' s
domination as “The
King of Speed".

1994 ZXR750

Heavily influenced by ZXR750, twin Ram Air
intake and an aluminium frame, the new Ninja
ZX-9R supersport model offers an unparalleled
balance of size, power and handling.

1996 ZX-7R

Launched the upgraded
Ninja ZX-7R and the
Ninja ZX-7RR. The Ninja
ZX-7RR offers variable
rake and adjustable
swingarm pivot, is more
compact with a shorter
wheelbase and racing

1998 ZX-9R

Launched the thoroughly revised
lighter and more powerful Ninja ZX-9R,
with a compact new engine featuring
Kawasaki Throttle R e s p o n s i v e
Ignition Control ( K - T R I C ) ,
"stick-type" plug mount ignition
coils, magnesium engine covers,
titanium muffler and a shorter,
lighter chassis.

2000 ZX-12R

New Millennium Flagship
The Ninja ZX-12R, the flagship model of Kawasaki's supersport "Ninja' Series, the
successor to “The King of Speed” throne, features the first mass produced
aluminium monocoque frame.

2003 ZX-6R

The completely redesigned Ninja ZX-6R
and ZX-6RR feature many components
usually found only on race machines are
designed to be the quickest race circuit
bikes in their class.

2004 ZX-10R

Circuit Domination
The Ninja ZX-10R, the
winner of many supersport
shootouts around the world
and earned the title of
"Master Bike" two years in a
row, was introduced to the
World's press on the 20th
anniversary of the original
Ninja (GPz900R). The
Kawasaki's new litre-class
supersport model is
designed for one purpose:
total domination on the race

2005 ZX-6R

The new Ninja ZX-6R comes
with even more power, less
resistance and provides the
rider more control making the
ZX-6R the most potent middle
weight bike on the race circuit
and winding roads.

2006 ZX-14

Legend Reborn
The Ninja ZZR1400: "A Legend Reborn!"
burst into the scene with the most powerful
engine ever and brought joy to Kawasaki fans around
the world. This new flagship is the showcase
of the latest technology and Kawasaki's craftsmanship.
It is designed to deliver the ultimate supersport
experience ever.

2006 ZX-10R

The best got even better! The
new ZX-10R features an all
new aerodynamic package to help
riders trim their lap times.

2007 ZX-6R

The all-new Ninja
ZX-6R debuts to
replace the best selling
predecessor with a
totally new machine for
the first time in 10
years. Its ultra-compact
yet powerful engine
with incredible mass
centralisation, a
r i d e r - r e s p o n s i v e
chassis makes this evolution of the Ninja ZX-6R the closest representation of
Kawasaki’s ideal 600cc-class circuit machine to date.

2008 ZX-10R

The new Ninja ZX-10R supersport once again raised the bar for the litre-class.
Featuring dual injection and oval sub-throttle, the new Ninja ZX-10R focuses on
high-rpm performance while maintaining impressive low to mid-range torque. The
Ninja ZX-10R is equipped with KIMS (Kawasaki Ignition Management System) to
offer precise control that enables the rider to stay in charge for performance at the
highest level.

2008 Ninja 250R

Good things do come in
small packages. The
Ninja 250R embodies the
spirit of the Ninja in a
compact, easy-to-operate
chassis with numerous
rider-friendly features.

2009 ZX-6R

The new Ninja ZX-6R arrives to take its track focused performance
of its predecessor to the next level. Reduced weight, chassis
fine-tuning and mass centralisation results in a lighter-handling
machine. The first Showa's BPF (Big Piston Front fork) in this Ninja
offers increased control and "feel" at all rpm.

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