2024 Kawasaki NINJA® 7 HYBRID ABS

2024 Kawasaki NINJA® 7 HYBRID ABS
Metallic Bright Silver/Metallic Matte Lime Green/Ebony
MSRP: $12,499.00
Manufacturer: Kawasaki
Condition: New


The world's first¹ strong hybrid² motorcycle offers riders a number of new riding experiences: a mid-size package with the instant acceleration of a 1,000cc-class supersport model from a standing start (with e-boost), fuel economy on par with smaller displacement models, and button-shift sport riding. With three different drive modes each offering a distinct riding character and numerous innovative features for riders to explore, the Ninja® 7 Hybrid truly changes the game, ushering in a new era in riding experience.



Automated Manual Transmission
Kawasaki’s unique, electronically controlled transmission uses proprietary logic to smoothly shift gears and operate the clutch. During upshifts and downshifts, the ECU manages engine and motor speed for a smooth, natural shifting feel. The fine throttle control and clutch lever operation riders use on a conventional motorcycle are all controlled by the bike. With an automated manual transmission, both full-automatic and manual operation are possible. Gears are shifted by an electric shifter motor directed by the ECU. With full-automatic operation, shift signals are received from the ECU. With manual operation, the ECU sends signals to the shifter motor based on rider input via the shift buttons. The hydraulic clutch is actuated by a dedicated oil pump controlled by a solenoid valve. The ECU determines when the clutch needs to be engaged (to receive driving force from the engine) or disengaged (to shift gears, or when stopped). Unlike a conventional motorcycle, there is no clutch lever or shift pedal to operate. Since actuation of the gears and the hydraulic clutch is carried out by the bike, the rider can focus on throttle control—an advantage when executing U-turns and other low-speed manoeuvres, during very-low speed riding, and when riding in heavy stop-and-go traffic. Additional systems like Button-Shift and ALPF (Automatic Launch Position Finder), which automatically returns the transmission to 1st gear when the vehicle stops to facilitate moving off again, can also be incorporated.
Button-Shift is one of the new riding experiences offered by Kawasaki’s new HEV models. Instead of using a shift pedal to change gears, the rider initiates gear shifts using the shift buttons on the left handle. A finger switch on the far side is used to shift up; a thumb switch is used to shift down. Actuation of the gears and the hydraulic clutch is then carried out by the bike’s Automated Manual Transmission, which makes this feature possible.
Unique to Kawasaki’s EV and HEV models, e-boost allows riders to briefly tap into extra power for stronger acceleration and a higher top speed. To prevent battery overheating, e-boost operation is limited (time varies by model). When all conditions have been met, e-boost availability will be shown on the screen via indicator or the e-boost gauge. Pressing the button on the right handle activates the function, increasing power and torque. The e-boost gauge (now purple) counts down the remaining time available. Once the bike is ready again, the e-boost function can be activated once more. e-boost can be activated on-the-fly (while riding) or when stopped.
HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle)
As the world moves towards Carbon Neutrality, Kawasaki is developing a number of future mobility solutions. With power units that combine an internal combustion engine (ICE) with a compact traction motor, Kawasaki hybrid electric vehicles offer the possibility of increased performance in a compact package, improved fuel economy, or zero-emission riding—or all of the above with multiple driving modes—all while maintaining the riding excitement for which Kawasaki motorcycles are known. And with numerous innovative features for riders to explore, like e-boost, button-shift sport riding and WALK Mode, Kawasaki hybrid models are ushering in a new era in riding experience.
Idling Stop Function
On models like the Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z7 Hybrid, the Idling Stop Function offers added convenience when riding in city traffic. When the vehicle comes to a complete stop, the engine turns off to conserve fuel.
Smartphone Connectivity
Clever technology enables riders to connect to their motorcycle wirelessly. Using the smartphone application “RIDEOLOGY THE APP,” a number of instrument functions can be accessed, contributing to an enhanced motorcycling experience. Vehicle information (such as the odometer, fuel gauge, maintenance schedule, etc) can be viewed on the smartphone. Riding logs (varies by model, but may include GPS route, gear position, rpm, and other information) can be viewed on the smartphone. When connected, telephone (call, mail) notices are displayed on the instrument panel. Riders can also make changes to their motorcycle’s instrument display settings (preferred units, clock and date setting, etc) via the smartphone. And on certain models, it is even possible to check and adjust vehicle settings (such as Rider Mode, electronic rider support features, and payload settings) using the smartphone.
Walk Mode (with Reverse)
This convenient mode assists with maneuvering in a parking lot. When engaged, opening the throttle moves the bike forward at walking speed. Closing the throttle past the “zero” point moves the bike in reverse. With the bike stopped and the throttle closed, WALK Mode is activated by pressing and holding the WALK Mode button. Once activated, the screen background turns orange to clearly distinguish from normal operation.
Zero Emissions
Zero-emission-capable models like Kawasaki’s Electric Vehicles (EV)—and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) running in EV Mode—create no emissions when being operated. In addition to being environmentally friendly, zero-emission riding offers the possibility to enter restricted areas where ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles are prohibited.
ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System)
Kawasaki ABS systems use front and rear wheel sensors to constantly monitor wheel speed. Should information from either of the sensors indicate that wheel lock has occurred, the ABS ECU directs the pump in the ABS unit to modulate brake fluid pressure (releasing and reapplying pressure so that traction can be regained) until normal operation resumes. ABS offers rider reassurance that contributes to greater riding enjoyment.


4-stroke, Parallel Twin, DOHC, liquid-cooled
Bore X Stroke
70.0 x 58.6mm
Compression Ratio
Fuel System
EFI with dual 36mm throttle bodies
Traction Motor
Liquid-cooled, interior permanent magnet synchronous motor
Motor Drive Battery Type
48 V lithium-ion battery
6-speed Automated Manual
Shifter Mechanism
Push button
Final Drive Ratio
3.071 (14/43)
Final Drive
Power Modes
3 Modes (SPORT-HYBRID/ ECO-HYBRID/EV) plus e-boost
Maximum Torque
44.2 lb-ft @ 2,800 rpm
Electronic Rider Aids
Automatic Launch Position Finder (ALPF) in MT, WALK Mode (with Reverse), Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)


Frame Type
Trellis, high-tensile steel
Front Suspension/Wheel Travel
41mm telescopic fork/4.7 in
Rear Suspension/Wheel Travel
Bottom-Link Uni-Trak® with single gas-charged shock, adjustable spring preload/4.5 in
Front Tire
Rear Tire
Front Brakes
Dual 300mm discs with 2-piston calipers and ABS
Rear Brakes
Single 220mm disc with single-piston caliper and ABS


Rake & Trail
25°/4.1 in
Overall Length
84.4 in
Overall Width
29.5 in
Overall Height
44.7 in
Ground Clearance
5.1 in
Seat Height
31.3 in
Fuel Capacity
3.7 gal
60.4 in
Curb Weight
502.7 lb* (incl. battery)
Special Items
e-boost, Idling Stop Function, Regenerative System, TFT Color Instrumentation with Smartphone Connectivity via RIDEOLOGY THE APP
Color Choices
Metallic Bright Silver/Metallic Matte Lime Green/Ebony
12 Month Limited Warranty
Kawasaki Protection Plus™ (optional)
12, 24, 36 or 48 months


Strong Hybrid Power

  • NEXT-LEVEL HYBRID POWER UNIT Powering the Ninja® 7 Hybrid ABS is a liquid-cooled compact electric traction motor behind a 451cc parallel twin Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)—hybrid power, the first of its kind in a motorcycle. Working together, the ICE and traction motor produce a rider-friendly character with strong low- to mid-range torque. The Ninja 7 Hybrid ABS also features Kawasaki’s first use of an integrated starter generator (ISG). Mounted at the end of the engine’s crankshaft, it combines the functions of the starter motor and generator. The motor runs on a 48 V lithium-ion battery pack located beneath the seat, close to the bike’s center of gravity and charges on the go, so the bike doesn’t need to be plugged in. Thanks to the regenerative system, when the rider rolls off the throttle the energy of deceleration is recycled back to the battery contributing to a longer cruising range.
  • ADAPT YOUR RIDE With three distinct drive modes to choose from, riders can adapt to a wide range of riding situations. - SPORT-HYBRID Mode offers the full potential of the hybrid power unit’s two-drive-system propulsion, where riders can enjoy the quick response for sport riding. - In ECO-HYBRID Mode, the traction motor alone is used when starting, with the engine coming online around 2,000 rpm. At a complete stop, the engine turns off to conserve fuel. - EV Mode is best for low-speed, short-distance riding, offering quiet, zero-emission travel.
  • MIND-BENDING PERFORMANCE Activating e-boost temporarily increases overall output to that of a 650cc-class machine. With e-boost activated, the Ninja® 7 Hybrid ABS can initially out-accelerate a 1,000cc-class machine from a standing start under certain conditions. E-boost operation is limited to 5 seconds and is available in SPORT-HYBRID Mode.
  • LOW-SPEED CONVENIENCE WALK Mode (with Reverse) allows for extra maneuverability when needed, in parking lots, for example. To activate WALK Mode, the bike must be at a stop and the throttle off. Then press and hold the WALK Mode button. When activated, opening the throttle moves the bike forward at walking speed. Closing the throttle past the “zero” point moves the bike in reverse.
  • AUTOMATED MANUAL TRANSMISSION Kawasaki’s unique, electronically controlled 6-speed transmission uses proprietary logic to smoothly shift gears and operate the hydraulic clutch, leaving the rider to focus on throttle control. In AT operation, the gears are shifted by the bike. In MT operation, the rider initiates gear shifts using the shift buttons on the left handle. With Automatic Launch Position Finder (ALPF), when the vehicle stops, the transmission is automatically returned to 1st gear to facilitate moving again. Riders may opt to turn this system off.


  • LIGHT & NIMBLE Chassis geometry and the frame’s rigidity balance were optimized to deliver light, sporty handling. The Ninja® 7 Hybrid ABS motorcycle's handling character is similar to that of the Ninja® 650.
  • COMFORTABLE PERFORMANCE A 41mm telescopic fork delivers excellent suspension action. New Uni-Trak® rear suspension with preload adjustability accommodates load requirements and contributes to sporty, agile handling.
  • CONFIDENT BRAKING Dual 300mm front disc brakes and a 220mm rear disc brake delivers powerful and consistent braking performance. Dual-piston front calipers, master cylinder and brake pads contribute to superb brake touch and control. Complementing the disc brake system, front and rear ABS offers an added degree of reassuring braking performance.
  • RELAXED, SLIM & SPORTY From the relaxed, sporty riding position that caters to a wide range of riders, to the attentive layout of the switchgear, all aspects of the Ninja® 7 Hybrid ABS motorcycle's rider interface are designed to be intuitive and confidence inspiring. The low 31.92-inch seat height, tapered seat design and slim chassis contribute to the rider’s ability to reach the ground with their feet when seated.


  • FIERCE IMAGE The Ninja® 7 Hybrid ABS bodywork captures the essence of sport in every detail. A broad upper cowl uses simple, curved lines to create a clean, dynamic image, while a large windshield contributes to stellar wind protection offered by full-fairing bodywork. Crowning the upper cowl is the Kawasaki River Mark—a testament to the innovative technology inside. Another design touch, the “Hybrid” logo on the motor covers, calls attention to the bike’s hybrid power unit. Fierce all-LED lighting makes a bold statement wherever you ride.
  • DIGITAL LANDSCAPE 4.3-inch all-digital TFT (thin-film transistor) color instrumentation gives the cockpit a high-tech, high-grade appearance while delivering high visibility. Bluetooth® technology built into the instrument panel enables riders to connect to their bike wirelessly. A number of instrument functions can be accessed using RIDEOLOGY THE APP*, contributing to an enhanced riding experience. Available functions include: vehicle info, riding logs, telephone notices, communication (sharing), ranking, and maintenance log. *RIDEOLOGY THE APP is not intended for use during vehicle operation. Only use RIDEOLOGY THE APP when the vehicle is not being operated and it is safe to do so. All trademarks, registered trademarks, logos, and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

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